Getting Healthy

About Our Tree Removal

July 2013

Tree removal and pruning has started. I understand this is a sad and challenging process for everyone, including the dogs. It looks like we may be able to save a few more trees than we thought due to some healthy pruning and limbing up.

How can you help? You can make a donation toward a replacement tree, lend a hand on our work days at the Dog Park and attend the public meetings to help make decisions. Also, as much as kids like to climb the trees, please remind them they shouldn’t be in these trees.  We intend to plant some replacement tress this  fall as our budget, schedules and weather permits.

Michelle Kennedy, President
Friends of Winnebago County Dog Parks, Inc.



May 16, 2012

It has been done. Forestry, Winnebago County Parks Department and I walked the Dog Park today and the trees that need to be removed have been sprayed. Some of the trees in the fence were not marked due to it being obvious they will need to be removed.

This is a BIG project. Some of the trees are going to require major work and cost to remove. We are working on a plan (over several years, I am hoping) to have them removed. We have a male Silver Maple on the outside of the Dog Park, on the Butler Avenue side that needs to come down sooner than later. He is a hazard. The big female silver maple on the inside will come down, too. We need LOTS of planning to get her down (eviction notices need to be given to the squirrels).

We have already had someone offer to donate a tree to start the replacement process. The County is open to donations! If you are looking to donate a tree please contact me first as we have some ideas of what we would like to put in and where. Please do NOT plant any trees without contacting me or Rob Way with Winnebago County Parks Department. Diggers and such need to be contracted.

Some have asked me about donating memorial trees for lost pets. YES we can do also do that! Chris Ziegler from Cloverleaf Landscaping can help with any purchase you may want to make. In late June we will be putting an action plan together for tree removal. If you would like to be part of the planning committee (meetings will be held during the day), please CONTACT US. If you know of anyone getting rid of trees, we are open to gifts! If you know any tree farmers who have “extras” at the end of season let us know.

Thank you again for being part of Best Friends Dog Park!

Michelle Kennedy, President
Friends of Winnebago County Dog Parks, Inc.