We have both rules and etiquette to observe. Rules are enforceable by Oshkosh Police Department (OPD) at the dog park. Etiquette are guidelines for park users that encourage a safe and happy time for all visitors.


  • Dogs must be licensed, with current rabies vaccination per state law.
  • Dogs must wear owner identification tags.
  • Dog owners must carry a leash and clean-up bags.
  • Dogs that are aggressive must be kept on a leash.
  • Dogs must be under supervision and voice control at all times; never leave your dog unattended.
  • Dogs are not allowed on tables or benches.
  • Owners must immediately clean up feces deposited by their dog.
  • Owners must stop dogs from digging holes, and must fill any holes created by dogs.

Dog owners, please remember that you will be held responsible for the actions and behavior of your dog.


  • Be present with your dog at all times.
  • Keep your dog leashed until it is inside the front gate.
  • Have your dog licensed annually.
  • Have proof of your dog’s current rabies vaccination.
  • If your dog is “in season”, please do not bring her into the park.
  • If your dog is “unaltered”, please keep an extra eye on him.
  • Keep children at your side within arm’s reach; not all dogs in the park are familiar with kids

Remember this is a public dog park. If someone’s dog doesn’t want to play or does not get along, please be respectful and redirect your dog’s attention immediately.

Thank you for your cooperation!

You can find detailed information about licensing and ordinances in our FAQ.