Soft Launch of the new websites

Today we are launching the new websites for the Friends Group and Winnebago Pet Expo. There is still plenty of work to be done, please continue to be patient with us! We are excited about the features that are coming as well. One item that is being worked on is a place for you to be able to upload your photos of your dog(s) at the park to share with us. Continue to check back for more changes!

October 19, 2020 Update

2020 has been a year of no group activities for us. We are working on things on the back end such as upgrading our websites and working on events for 2021.

If you would like to be involved in these activities please reach out to us at :

Some have asked “WHAT” are those activities? It can be anywhere from being eyes and ears at the dog park, to helping set up activates, making phone calls, sending emails, to helping with excel work or helping at events, or more. We are creative. Let’s see where your skills and talents can help us all! Reach out to us at

More updates to come!

Dog Park Update 6-14-20

Best Friends Dog Park is OPEN. The porta- johns (porta potty) are returning and the water is on.

PLEASE practice social distancing.

You are at your own risk. The porta-johns are cleaned 2xs a week. This is up from 1x a week. Touchpoints such as gates, boxes, etc, are NOT cleaned.

Please check back often and watch our social media for the most current updates.

Best Friends Dog Park is now OPEN! as of May 15, 2020

Thank you, Everyone, as the Parks department worked on Best Friends Dog Park. We do have areas that remain vulnerable. The Parks crew will continue seeding the spots they haven’t yet got to.  Several of those areas will then be fenced-in; presently there is no fencing out there. PLEASE use the park gently, clean up after your pup, and enjoy.

The Parks Department is following the State Parks System model in making its COVID response decisions.  With that in mind, the porta john will not be placed in the parking lot until action has been taken by the State Parks System in the placement of their porta john units and safety.

Best Friends Dog Park Closed until Further Notice effective March 25, 2020

5-5-20 UPDATE The Parks Department is still working in Best Friends Dog Park. The Dog Park is very wet yet slowing installation of drain tile. In the long run, the expectation is the drain tile will help with our water challenge. E-Matting was installed on the “slope” in the back part of the park to help with wear and tear. We do NOT have a confirmed date for Best Friends Dog Park in Winnebago County Community Park to open back up. Pray for warm sunny days and no rain to help move this along faster. Thank you, everyone!

UPDATE: Outagamie Dog Park is OPENING back up. Best Friends Dog Park in Winnebago County Community Park WILL REMAIN CLOSED until further notice. In talking with the County Parks Dept, they are going to use this opportunity to repair some of our “Mud” areas and seeding, fencing around the areas before we reopen. We will keep you posted as we get more information and timelines. Please remember you CAN walk your dog in County Park ON LEASH ON THE SHARED USE PATHS ONLY. You can also walk your dogs on the trails.PLEASE pick up after your dogs and properly dispose of our collections.




The reconstruction of Snell Road and the construction of storm sewer on North Main Street is anticipated to begin on or about *May 11thweather dependent.  The work under this Contract consists of the public construction of concrete pavement and sidewalk on Snell Road, along with storm sewer, sanitary sewer, water main relay, and electrical work.  The relay of storm sewer along North Main Street, along with replacing the concrete pavement, is also included.  Although no city contract work will occur on Snell Road until the storm sewer is completed, Snell Road access will be impacted by private utility work and construction staging.

*Erosion Control/Traffic Control/Construction Staging/Saw cutting preparations may begin the week of May 11th.

Phase 1 – North Main Street (Snell to 2000’ South (May11th))

·         Construction Window = Eight (8) Consecutive Weeks.

·         Work anticipated to be completed mid-July.

Phase 2 – Snell Road  (Jackson Street to the east radius of North Main Street (mid-July))

·         Construction Window = Fourteen (14) Consecutive Weeks.

·         Work must be completed by Friday, October 30, 2020.

·         All work, including utilities, laterals, pavement, sidewalk, driveways, and restoration, must be completed within the Construction Window, and the section must be fully opened up to traffic.

Phase 3 – Snell Road (East radius of North Main Street to Moser (mid-July)) 

·         Construction Window = Thirteen (13) Consecutive Weeks.

·         Work must be completed by Friday, October 30, 2020.

·         All work, including utilities, laterals, pavement, sidewalk, driveways, electrical, and restoration, must be completed within the Construction Window, and the section must be fully opened up to traffic.

Please forward on to all parties that may have an interest in this project.  Thank you and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns. 

All work is weather dependent.

2018 FWCDP Fundraising Events

2018 FWCDP will increase fundraising activity!
March will bring the first of Six total,  Dine Out Nights scheduled.

  • March 26th – Buffalo Wild Wing
  • April 23rd – Benvenuto’s Italian Grill
  • May 22nd – Panera Bread
  • Sept 18th – HOLD
  • Oct 16th – Benvenuto’s Italian Grill
  • Nov 15th – Panera Bread

Brat Fry!  April 14th at Neenah Festival Foods
2018-2019 Calendar sales starting this summer
Doggie Paddles

  • June 10
  • July 22
  • Aug 5
  • Aug 26

2018 Winnebago Pet Expo – October 6th 2018
And More to Come!!  Check out the events calendar for more details on the events

FWCDP Board Member Update

March 2018
Here is a quick update on board members
Katie Reichenberger joined the organization in the late summer of 2017.  Katie R, volunteered  for a clean up day and has been with us ever since.  Katie R, is our current Vice President, learning and growing the group as much as she can to take over for Michelle Kennedy, President one day.  To learn more about Katie R Click here.
Katie Kinnon step away from a board position in summer of 2017.
Gwen Grosskopf is FWCDP Secretary and has been with FWCDP since its inception in various roles.
Dorothy Walbrun is FWCDP, Volunteer Coordinator.  Dorothy and her husband Bruce have been using the dog park since its opening.
Norm Eslinger & Bruce Walbrun are Best Friends Dog Park Maintenance.  They are part of the day to day keeping an eye on the dog park.  Ensuring we have bags in the boxes, holes are repairs and projects are brought to everyone attention.  North and Bruce are long time users of Best Friends Dog Park.
At this time we are having monthly board meetings to organize.  We we publish when public meetings will resume.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us 920.267.7801 or