Doggie First Aid Kit

Yorkshire Terrier

A Doggie First Aid Kit is on site whenever we have an event and it is always in need of refilling. We’ve made a list of needs here for you to consider donating. Items are available at pharmacies, pet supply stores and through your veterinarian. Please feel free to drop off items at the August Doggie Paddle or CONTACT US to make other arrangements.

  • gauze sponges
  • surgical tape (white)
  • thermometer
  • vet wrap
  • cast padding
  • cling wrap
  • bandage scissors
  • hemostat
  • silver nitrate sticks
  • tourniquet (rubber)
  • nail trimmers
  • syringes
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • alcohol
  • betadine, iodine or chlorhexidine scrub
  • eye wash (saline)
  • Clotisol blood stopper
  • triple antibiotic ointment
  • sterile lubricating jelly

Thank you again for all of your support!