Food at Best Friends Dog Park

imagesCurrently there is no rule against people or dog food / treats at Best Friends Dog Park in Winnebago County Community Park.   People have been reasonable and careful of other potential food aggressive dogs in the park for the most part.  Recently more and more people are bringing in food and  allowing their children to have food in the dog park.  Today someone was feeding their dogs lunch (Kibble) inside the dog park.  While this was happening there were multiple dogs in the park and some were food aggressive.  Once the dogs heard the “ting ting” of the kibble hitting the metal dog dish they came a running.  Some of the dogs that went running are food aggressive.  This was a dangerous situation.    Please if you are bringing any type of food in the dog park, be respectful of other dogs and owners.  Some dogs may have food allergies so your child dropping a cracker may seem harmless to you and could be harmful to another.  Please be aware that there could be dogs in the dog park that are food aggressive and will want to get ALL of our food.  Please be aware and keep extra eyes out for dogs that come over while giving treats.    Please do not give any dogs other than your dog (so) treats without asking the owner first.
We will be discussing “food” at Best Friends Dog Park and changing the Rules to NO FOOD, at our next meeting Saturday, Nov 9th, 9am- 10:30am at the Town of Menasha Municipal Building.
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