Winnebago County Community Park Winter south entrance closing

partner_logo_parksandexpocenter_625x625This is the time of year when we need to watch for Winnebago County Community Park to close to road traffic.  I have been advised it will happen Monday December 2nd, unless we get a significant amount of snow, more than a couple of inches.
Best Friends Dog Park DOES remain open all year long.
The SOUTH entrance of Winnebago County Community Park, off of Snell Rd will be closed as of December 2nd.  Also at that time when coming into the park from County Rd Y, you will be able to LEGALLY turn to the left instead of going around the park.  The road to the right will have barricades.  Please do NOT go around them.
Best Friends Dog Park is open all winter long.  Winnebago County Community Park does reserve the right to close the park if they deem it necessary.

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