World Spay Day February 25th

shelter_dogWorld Spay Day is celebrating its 20th year!  Help us in congratulating them for reducing the pet population!
Some Statistics:

  • In 1986, it was estimated that 17.6 to 29.2 million dogs and cats were euthanized in shelters each year [American Humane Association Shelter Reporting Study]. These numbers were estimates, and if accurate would have accounted for nearly one-fifth to one-fourth of the entire U.S. pet population
  • Nationwide, an estimated 6-8 million homeless kittens, puppies, cats, and dogs enter animal shelters every year. About half of these animals are adopted.
  •  2.7 million adoptable pets are put down. The majority of animals euthanized are healthy, sweet pets who would have made great companions. 
  • millions of stray and feral cats who suffer and struggle for survival

Human Society of United States 
World Spay Day.Org

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