Calling Volunteers

images (1)Winnebago Pet Expo is looking for volunteers to help set up tables and chairs the Expo on Thursday October 3rd at 6pm.
Additional help is needed October 4th to staff the check in table as well as October 5th at the raffle tables and tickets booth and taking down tables and chairs.   If you can help or your group, soccer team, baseball team,  leadership group or a few friends can help,

Please contact Jane Kolenko or Michelle Kennedy if you are able to help

with this fun filled event!

Jane Kolenko  –  269-870-6668    Or Email:

Michelle Kennedy – 920.267.7801 or

September is National Service Dog Month

max_300_National-guide-dog-monthThey provide companionship, inspire confidence, and live to serve, protect, and assist their handlers. Guide dogs, seeing eye dogs, service pets, and assistance animals are helping their humans perform tasks,accomplish lifelong goalsembark on adventuresovercome debilitating mental illnesses, and safeguard military bases across the country and around the world..  See more

Today is National Pet Memorial Day

Today is National Pet Memorial Day. I know we all have lost special pet friends, or know of
friends’ who have. What are some ways you are remembering your loved ones?
I wanted to also share that there will be some upcoming pet memorials that are free & welcome to everyone:
9/21 at 12 pm at Peaceful Pets LLC (Richfield, WI)- balloon release in memory of the beloved pets we have lost, PLEASE RSVP  &
9/29 at 1 pm at Oshkosh Area Shelter- memorial and butterfly release, email to RSVP and submit photo for photo reel
Post from Creature Comfort Clinic LLC and Dr Christina

Right Way / Wrong Way

REMINDER, please make sure to follow the road inside Winnebago County Community Park. There have been several complaints about dog park users driving the wrong way. The police will be called and you can be sighted for driving the wrong way.
We do realize the dog park is “right there” when coming into the park from County Rd Y. Most of the time no one is coming. It is still illegal. This has been a much more frequent occurrence. We are now getting complaints from the Winnebago County Parks Board.
Oshkosh Police Department has jurisdiction.