Best Friends Dog Park Users

imagesATTENTION EVERYONE!  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be responsible and courteous pet owners by watching your dog(s) going in, leaving and while inside the dog park.  Some of the below has happened at our park recently, in the past, or at other area dog parks.
There was an instance of someone trying to come into the dog park and another dog was not allowing it by fence guarding.   
It has also been observed that people were walking or playing with their dogs and intact males joined in without their owners around which caused tension and unwanted behaviors.  Some of the owners tried to get their dogs away from the intact males and had a hard time as the other dog owners were not around and the intact males kept advancing.
Dogs are getting into tangles and owners are not around or not paying attention in general.
It is city ordinance that your dog must be leashed going into and out of the dog park.  It is also Best Friends Dog Park Rules that you MUST carry a leash with you.
While we are it PLEASE pick up after your dog.  With the leaves on the ground, it can be hard to find sometimes where your dog has gone. If you can’t find it, please pick up a different pile.   Filled bags need to be placed in the blue dumpster by the front gate.
Thank you for helping make Best Friends Dog Park a great place to bring your dog(s)!!

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