Best Friends Dog Park Closed until Further Notice effective March 25, 2020

5-5-20 UPDATE The Parks Department is still working in Best Friends Dog Park. The Dog Park is very wet yet slowing installation of drain tile. In the long run, the expectation is the drain tile will help with our water challenge. E-Matting was installed on the “slope” in the back part of the park to help with wear and tear. We do NOT have a confirmed date for Best Friends Dog Park in Winnebago County Community Park to open back up. Pray for warm sunny days and no rain to help move this along faster. Thank you, everyone!

UPDATE: Outagamie Dog Park is OPENING back up. Best Friends Dog Park in Winnebago County Community Park WILL REMAIN CLOSED until further notice. In talking with the County Parks Dept, they are going to use this opportunity to repair some of our “Mud” areas and seeding, fencing around the areas before we reopen. We will keep you posted as we get more information and timelines. Please remember you CAN walk your dog in County Park ON LEASH ON THE SHARED USE PATHS ONLY. You can also walk your dogs on the trails.PLEASE pick up after your dogs and properly dispose of our collections.




The reconstruction of Snell Road and the construction of storm sewer on North Main Street is anticipated to begin on or about *May 11thweather dependent.  The work under this Contract consists of the public construction of concrete pavement and sidewalk on Snell Road, along with storm sewer, sanitary sewer, water main relay, and electrical work.  The relay of storm sewer along North Main Street, along with replacing the concrete pavement, is also included.  Although no city contract work will occur on Snell Road until the storm sewer is completed, Snell Road access will be impacted by private utility work and construction staging.

*Erosion Control/Traffic Control/Construction Staging/Saw cutting preparations may begin the week of May 11th.

Phase 1 – North Main Street (Snell to 2000’ South (May11th))

·         Construction Window = Eight (8) Consecutive Weeks.

·         Work anticipated to be completed mid-July.

Phase 2 – Snell Road  (Jackson Street to the east radius of North Main Street (mid-July))

·         Construction Window = Fourteen (14) Consecutive Weeks.

·         Work must be completed by Friday, October 30, 2020.

·         All work, including utilities, laterals, pavement, sidewalk, driveways, and restoration, must be completed within the Construction Window, and the section must be fully opened up to traffic.

Phase 3 – Snell Road (East radius of North Main Street to Moser (mid-July)) 

·         Construction Window = Thirteen (13) Consecutive Weeks.

·         Work must be completed by Friday, October 30, 2020.

·         All work, including utilities, laterals, pavement, sidewalk, driveways, electrical, and restoration, must be completed within the Construction Window, and the section must be fully opened up to traffic.

Please forward on to all parties that may have an interest in this project.  Thank you and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns. 

All work is weather dependent.

Petsmart Sign

As you may have noticed there is a sign in the dog park for Petsmart. The sign will only be up for a short time. They will be opening in Oshkosh on Feb 20th. In celebration of the grand opening the Winnebago County Parks Dept is going to be fixing up the kiosk inside the dog park and putting a public kiosk outside the dog park.

Construction Questions

16711635_mWe have had a few questions about the changes with the back of the dog park.  
Q:  Will we lose everything in the back 1/2 of the dog park?
A:  We are hoping to get at least 2 feet of dirt up across the back of the dog park.  That means all the foliage will be buried.  If anything isn’t pulled out, we have been told it will die.  So with the exception of the bigger trees yes.
Q:  Will we get more trees?
A:  Yes, we have talked with the county and it will be a phase process of bringing in more trees and we can harvest dog wood and such from other areas of County property.
Q:  Will this fix our standing water problem?
A:  We are hoping this will fix the standing water problem at worse, it will reduce the challenges we have.
Q:  What about the front of the dog park?
A:  We are hoping there will be enough dirt to help with the front of the dog park.  We will know more as the process continues.
Q:  When will the back of the dog park reopen?
A: We do not have that answer as of now.  It will depend on weather and how much dirt we get.  There are two idea being talked about.  One is to keep the section closed off to allow for the grass to take hold and keep the mud down.  The other thought is to open it up as soon as possible to allow for people using it to help settle the dirt.
Q: What about the paths?
A:  We have an opportunity to make new paths.  Those will not be able to be put in until the dirt settles which will be fall is at the earliest, from what we are being told.
Q: What is going to happen with the hedge line?
A:  At least some of the hedge line will be removed to allow for the trucks to come in.  Depending on the amount of dirt the whole hedge line may be removed as it will be partially buried.
Q:  What about our “big” tree?
A:  There is a strong possibility that the Silver Maple (aka the Squirrel tree or the “Big Tree”) will be removed during this processes.  Taking her down was going to require the park to be closed and this may be an opportunity to remove her safely.
Q:  What about WATER!
A:  We are working on a water source also as we are under construction.  We have met with more plumbers and are awaiting quotes.  Once we have the quotes will share as we will need to fund raise for this.

Tree Mover

lWith the construction we have a few trees that could be saved if we can move them.  Does anyone know someone who can help us inexpensively move 2 or 3 trees?  These trees are to big to do manually, we need equipment.
Please contact us at 920.267.7801 or

UPDATE – Best Friends Dog Park Construction

Under-Construction-Caution-Sign-S-0816You will start seeing things happening at the dog park in the next week or two.  The county is going to be putting up the fencing (snow fencing) to block off the back “field” area.  The fence will run from just north of the Memorial east to the fence along Butler.  The fence will be about 5.5 feet high with poles about every 4 feet.  Everyone is working to make the fence as secure as possible during the construction process.  ** please do not lean on the fence or let your dog jump on the fence.**
Click here for the notice from the County