Growth for the Group

Friends of Winnebago County Dog Parks is growing and changing.  We would like to thank Mike Linder for stepping in when Michelle Kennedy needed to go out west. Mike jumped into this role with little hesitation, as keeping things going was something he felt needed to be done.  After 2 years, Mike has decided to step down but not away.  Mike will still be involved with the group.  If you see him please stop and thank him for the past 2 years!
Katie Kinenon joined Friends of Winnebago County Dog Parks, a few months ago.  Katie wants to make a difference in the community and help grow the group.  It is time for growth.  Katie has officially joined the board as Vice President. Katie is wanting to grow the group beyond the board creating committees to focus on various areas of need.   More hands less work for an individual.   Michelle Kennedy has been appointed President.  Katie is the feet on the ground and will be taking over duties for Michelle over time.  When you see Katie please welcome her!
Would YOU like to get involved?   Email Katie and let her know!   Her email is:


dog welcome homePlease help us in welcoming Sandy LeMoine, Lori Baldauf & Kathy Casperson as the Committee Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary to the Committee that will be working specifically on the efforts for a new dog park in Northern Winnebago County!   This is a 8 member committee. Kathy Casperson and Paula Krause will be joining us on the main board of Friends of Winnebago County Dog Parks.
If you have land in the northern Winnebago County you would like to discuss the possibility of it being used as an Off Leash Dog Park, please contact us at: or 920.267.7801

We are growing!

volunteers_neededWith the new year fast approaching Friends of Winnebago County Dog Parks is looking for volunteers to help with different types of activities on a regular basis:

  • Newsletter (electronic)
  • Marketing / Promotions / Social Media ( can be broken up into small pieces such as events)
  • General Admin for example: Keep our calendar up, others calendar postings, links searching, database management (online)
  • Web Designer / Developer ( web maintenance and future work)
  • Graphic Designer
  • Photographer (photos of the dogs at the dog park for our daily photos)
  • Grant Writing
  • Fundraising (Only have time to head up one event, we can work with that!)
  • Best Friends Dog Park items:  Heading up Clean up Days, Maintenance Days, working at them, keeping up bulletin board

Winnebagopetexpo FBWe also need help with the Winnebago Pet Expo with:

  • Newsletter (electronic)
  • Marketing / Promotions / Social Media
  • Web Designer / Developer
  • Sales (working with advertisers)
  • Graphic Designer
  • Database Management (online)

We can work with your schedule, anything from 1 hour a week to lots of hours a week.  Let us know what you can commit to and help the dog park grow!  If everyone pitches in a bit we can get it all done.
Just fill out the online information form and you will be contacted.  You can find the form here